Types of Cattle Scales

Cattle Weigh Scales come in a variety of sizes, materials, and prices depending on your needs. In general, a scale of this type will allow you to weigh a large animal up to about 2,500 pounds. Some models allow the weight to be returned to you in either pounds or kilograms and have an easy-to-read digital display. Low-profile, platform models can be purchased, or if needed, some models are available with a cage. An indicator stand is often available as an accessory which allows mounting of the display at eye level. Some models also offer an optional printer. They are made with a variety of metals including aluminum and stainless steel. Some platforms are metal or diamond plate while others may have a protective mat for hoof comfort. Some scales have handles for ease of portability.

Scales weigh approximately 70 to 400 pounds depending on the model purchased. They operate on batteries (usually AA) and usually also on electricity. The mid-range on platform sizes is approximately 40" x 80" although they come in smaller and larger sizes. Pricing ranges from approximately $500 to $2500 depending on the size and features you desire.

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