Ear Tags and Identification

Cattle ear tags are constructed of either plastic or metal and are used to identify cattle and other livestock. Each tag carries an individual identification code for the animal, aiding the producers of large herds in recording bloodlines, vaccinations, birth dates and to prevent theft. Tagging is also used throughout the world to trace a wide range of animal species to assist in the control of disease outbreaks. The tags are attached to either one or both of the animal's ears (there are also tail tags,) with special pliers although specialized tags which can be attached by hand are available. Some cattle ear tags are infused with insecticide providing protection against horn fly and head fly.

Cattle ear tags are available in different sizes, shapes and colors to make them easily identifiable from a distance, which comes in handy when dealing with a large herd. Smaller sizes are recommended for calves and large sizes for adult cows. Most tags are printed with a range of numbers but my also have letters or a combination of both.

With the array of color, size and imprinting options, the cattle business owner is guaranteed to find the cattle ear tag to fit his individual needs.

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